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string(20) "Thursday,+October+17"

Thursday, October 17

string(13) "Achievements+"


string(355) "A+relaxed+approach+allows+you+to+easily+deal+with+any+differences+of+opinion+that+occur,+or+resolve+situations+that+are+likely+to+test+your+patience.+As+circumstances+improve,+you’re+able+to+turn+your+attention+to+more+personal+matters+and+spend+some+precious+and+rewarding+time+with+friends+and+loved+ones+and+consider+your+future+options+and+outlook.+"

A relaxed approach allows you to easily deal with any differences of opinion that occur, or resolve situations that are likely to test your patience. As circumstances improve, you’re able to turn your attention to more personal matters and spend some precious and rewarding time with friends and loved ones and consider your future options and outlook.

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