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string(19) "Monday,+November+19"

Monday, November 19

string(25) "Connection+with+the+soul+"

Connection with the soul

string(350) "More+than+ever+you’re+conscious+of+your+desires+and+comfortable+with+your+general+outlook+on+life.+You’re+unlikely+to+feel+frustrated+or+find+anything+too+confusing;+you’re+very+much+at+ease+with+yourself+and+in+control+of+circumstances.+Your+sensitivity+may+leave+you+vulnerable,+your+health+and+home+life+are+areas+of+importance+to+focus+on.+"

More than ever you’re conscious of your desires and comfortable with your general outlook on life. You’re unlikely to feel frustrated or find anything too confusing; you’re very much at ease with yourself and in control of circumstances. Your sensitivity may leave you vulnerable, your health and home life are areas of importance to focus on.

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