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string(17) "Thursday,+June+22"

Thursday, June 22

string(23) "Differences+of+opinion+"

Differences of opinion

string(365) "Don’t+be+surprised+if+the+simplest+of+conversations+lead+to+misunderstandings.+This+isn't+necessarily+your+fault,+there's+possibly+something+wrong,+so+try+again+later.+Or+indeed+if+it+is+your+fault+and+you're+being+far+too+obstinate+that+people+are+forced+to+contradict+you,+rein+in+your+ego+somewhat,+then+others+talk+to+you+and+respond+in+a+more+customary+way.+"

Don’t be surprised if the simplest of conversations lead to misunderstandings. This isn't necessarily your fault, there's possibly something wrong, so try again later. Or indeed if it is your fault and you're being far too obstinate that people are forced to contradict you, rein in your ego somewhat, then others talk to you and respond in a more customary way.

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