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string(14) "Monday,+May+21"

Monday, May 21

string(11) "Kind+angel+"

Kind angel

string(380) "You+hate+having+to+fight+or+make+an+unnecessary+scene,+if+you+can,+try+to+avoid+any+awkward+situations.+Your+apathy+denotes+a+refusal+to+be+flexible+about+personal+matters.+You+make+far+better+progress+when+you’re+more+considerate+towards+the+people+close+to+you,+as+when+you+show+some+imagination,+are+seductive,+share+your+emotions,+giving+your+love+life+a+much-needed+boost.+"

You hate having to fight or make an unnecessary scene, if you can, try to avoid any awkward situations. Your apathy denotes a refusal to be flexible about personal matters. You make far better progress when you’re more considerate towards the people close to you, as when you show some imagination, are seductive, share your emotions, giving your love life a much-needed boost.

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