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string(14) "Sunday,+May+31"

Sunday, May 31

string(22) "Aggressive+atmosphere+"

Aggressive atmosphere

string(359) "It’s+almost+guaranteed+-+you+feel+repeatedly+provoked;+don't+take+it+too+seriously+even+though+you+notice+how+easily+you+get+annoyed,+refuse+to+give+in+to+it.+Limit+your+contacts+to+your+closest+friends,+since+they+know+best+how+to+deal+with+your+moods.+Release+pent-up+aggression+by+practicing+some+sports.+Jogging,+cycling+or+swimming+helps+you+to+relax.+"

It’s almost guaranteed - you feel repeatedly provoked; don't take it too seriously even though you notice how easily you get annoyed, refuse to give in to it. Limit your contacts to your closest friends, since they know best how to deal with your moods. Release pent-up aggression by practicing some sports. Jogging, cycling or swimming helps you to relax.

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