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string(20) "Friday,+September+25"

Friday, September 25

string(14) "Calm+yourself+"

Calm yourself

string(348) "Restrain+yourself+and+be+less+argumentative.+Aim+for+quality+not+quantity+and+be+more+diplomatic+when+it+comes+to+disputes.+You+irritate+the+people+close+to+you+far+too+much.+Communicate+more+with+your+loved+ones,+so+they+understand+how+things+are+with+you.+You're+frustrated+and+tense;+find+relief+with+recreational+activities+to+help+you+unwind.+"

Restrain yourself and be less argumentative. Aim for quality not quantity and be more diplomatic when it comes to disputes. You irritate the people close to you far too much. Communicate more with your loved ones, so they understand how things are with you. You're frustrated and tense; find relief with recreational activities to help you unwind.

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